Ninebark, Amber Jubilee


The Amber Jubilee Ninebark outshines other Ninebark species with its glowing shades of orange, yellow and gold in the foliage to really catch ones’ eye. This shrub normally grows in a dense and rounded shape but can still be used to create a gorgeous hedge. White flowers start appearing in the spring to start out the year and is then followed by green foliage for the summer. To help bring more color into the bush, stage pruning can be done during July. The foliage slowly turns to reds and purples as fall starts to approach and continues all the way through till winter.

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Botanical Name

Physocarpus opulifolius 'Jefam' PP23,177


Sizes are 12"-6. Please call for availability

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Hardiness Zone


Light Requirement

Full sun


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