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Note:  Other varieties or sizes may be available, please call. Prices listed are for no. 1 quality material. Premium and no. 2 grades are available in some varieties and sizes; and will carry a different price. Ask about quantity discounts.

Arborvitae, Brandon   Get Details
A narrow, densely branched, cone shaped Arborvitae. Very hardy. Grows to 6' wide

Arborvitae, Holmstrup (Thuja Occidentalis 'Holmstrup')   Get Details
A compact slow growing narrow tree. The foliage has a textured bunchy appearance. Summer foliage color is bright green, holding its color in winter. The small stature makes it an excellent low hedge or speciman.

Arborvitae, Nigra - American Dk Gr (Thuja occidentalis 'Nigra')   Get Details
Hardy and adaptable plant with dense, heavy, dark green foliage that shears easily. Excellent for hedges, screens and corner foundation plantings. It will tolerate full sun as well as partial shade.

Fir, Balsam (Abies balsamea)   Get Details
Fast growing, symmetrical, forest "Christmas Tree" with soft needles that are held on branches, full to the ground. Works well as a specimen plant or in a grouping and prefers full sun to medium shade.

Hemlock, Canadian (Tsuga canadensis)   Get Details
This graceful upright tree has drooping branches with small needles that are green on top and silver on the underside. It makes an excellent hedge or screen and can be sheared to any height desired. It prefers shade and protection from winter winds.

Juniper, Blue Arrow   Get Details
A dense pyramidal upright Juniper with blueish foliage. Prefers sun and well drained soils. Very hardy.

Pine, Norway or Red (Pinus resinosa)   Get Details
Fast growing and native to our area, this tree has dark green needles and can be sheared or permitted to grow natural. It is an excellent tree for windbreaks and screening and does well in sandy, dry, acidic soils. Requires full sun.

Pine, White (Pinus strobus)   Get Details
Fast growing and native tree with delicate, soft green, graceful foliage. When young, it is pyramidal in habit, but as it grows older, it becomes very open and picturesque. An excellent specimen tree that does best in full sun to partial shade.

Spruce, Black Hills (Picea glauca densata)   Get Details
Very hardy, slow growing, "Christmas" tree type evergreen with short blue-green needles. Shears easily to make a specimen tree and is also good for a hedge or windbreak. Does best in full sun, but tolerates light shade.

Spruce, Colorado Blue (Picea pungens 'Glauca')   Get Details
Hardy, slow growing evergreen that has an attractive bluish color. It is easily shaped with little shearing and needs plenty of room to develop in a well drained, fully exposed location.


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