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Apple, Frostbite   Get Details
A unique, small apple. Extremely cold hardy. Crisp, but firm texture and juicy. Great for cider or cooking. Grandparent to Honeycrisp

Apple, Goodland (Malus)   Get Details
Early Season - One of the best apples for colder regions. Flesh is crisp, juicy, tender and aromatic. Medium-sized fruit good for storing and excellent for eating.

Apple, Haralred   Get Details
A very hardy apple, red fruit that is juicy and tart. Firm and a good keeper. Highly disease resistent. an improved Haralson.

Apple, Hazen (Malus)   Get Details
Early Season - Large, dark red, summer fruit. Flesh is greenish-yellow and juicy. Flavor is sweet but mild, pleasant for eating and cooking. A very hardy, natural semi-dwarf tree that bears annually.

Apple, Honeycrisp   Get Details
A sweet, crisp and juicy apple with excellent storage life. An outstanding commercial and home orchard variety.

Apple, Kindercrisp   Get Details
A sweet, crisp juicy apple. Much like its parent Honeycrisp, but smaller fruit. Bares fruit at an early age.

Apple, Norland (Malus)   Get Details
Very Early Season - A natural semi-dwarf tree from Canada that bears annually and is very hardy. Medium size red fruit is good for cooking and eating. Keeps about 16 weeks in cold storage and must be picked before full maturity for storage or use.

Apple, Prairie Magic   Get Details
An extrememly hardy apple. Flesh is white, crisp and sweet. Delicious eaten out of hand or also may be used for cooking.

Apple, Red Baron   Get Details
Medium sized yellow-red apple. Sweet, but mild flavor. Good for eating, cooking and sauce. Bears fruit at an early age.

Apple, Snow Sweet   Get Details
A deliciously sweet, slightly tart tasting apple. Good keeping apple. A cross between a Sharon and Connell Red Apple.

Apple, State Fair (Malus)   Get Details
Early Season - Medium-sized, red striped summer apple that is sprightly tart and good for eating and baking. It has good texture that is semi-acid to sweet. One of the better early apples for northern growers.

Apple, Wodarz   Get Details
Very hardy apple. Flesh is white, firm and sweet. A vigorous growing apple. Great for eating and cooking. Good storage.

Apple, Yellow Transparent   Get Details
Very hardy yellow apple. Heavy producer. Best used for cooking. Pick before maturity for better storage life

Apple, Zestar   Get Details
Early ripening apple that is crisp and juicy. Best known for its excellent sweet tart flavor. Excellent for fresh eating and cooking.

Blueberry, Chippewa   Get Details
Large, sweet dark blue fruit. Glossy dark green leaves that turn bright red in fall.

Blueberry, North Blue   Get Details
Large, sweet dark blue fruit. Glossy dark green leave that turn bright red in fall.

Blueberry, North Country   Get Details
Attractive, sky blue fruit 1/2" in diameter. Fruit flavor is sweet and mild. Fruit ripens earlier than most varieties

Blueberry, Polaris   Get Details
A very aromatic, firm berry with excellent flavor. Flavor with store up to 6-8 weeks. This blueberry requires another blueberry for pollination. Heavy fruit producer.

Blueberry, Superior   Get Details
Superior is the most productive blueberry with firm berries that are light to medium blue, with a sweet flavor.

Cherry, Bali (Prunus)   Get Details
Extremely hardy with deep, dark red fruit 1" in diameter. Cherries ripen in August and are good for fresh eating but are not considered a sweet cherry. Plant is self-fertile.

Cherry, Sweet Pie   Get Details
The sweetest tasting of the spur pie cherries. Fantastic for jams, jellies and pies. Extremely hardy

Crab Apple, Centennial (Malus Crabapple 'Centennial')   Get Details
Blooms mid-May, large crab apples that ripen in mid to late August. Red over orange. Excellent for fresh eating. Very hardy

Pear, Early Gold   Get Details
One of the hardiest pears. Abundant white flowers in spring, producing yellow fruit, ripening in early August. Glossy green foliage. Use Ure for pollinating.

Pear, Golden Spice (Pyrus)   Get Details
A very hardy pear. The 1 3/4" fruit is medium yellow, lightly blushed with dull red and ripen in mid-season. Good for canning and spicing, fair for eating.

Pear, Ure (Pyrus)   Get Details
A very hardy pear with sturdy branching. Fruit is greenish yellow, very juicy and approximately 2" in diameter. Pears ripen in August and are good for eating and canning.

Plum, Black Ice   Get Details
Black Ice is a cross between a cherry plum and a Japanese dessert plum resulting in large fruit with superior winter hardiness. Fruit ripens 2-4 weeks earlier than other plums.

Plum, Mount Royal   Get Details
Excellent hardy blue plum. Good eaten off tree. Excellent for dessert, jam and preserves. Does not need a pollinator.

Plum, Toka (Prunus) - pollinator   Get Details
This red plum is one of the best pollinators. It is a medium sized, richly flavored variety with beautiful apricot color that ripens in August.


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