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Note:  Other varieties or sizes may be available, please call. Prices listed are for no. 1 quality material. Premium and no. 2 grades are available in some varieties and sizes; and will carry a different price. Ask about quantity discounts.

Crab, Dolgo (Malus)   Get Details
A very ornamental crab that blooms early with 2" pure white flowers. Brilliant 1 1/2" crimson fruits make wonderful jelly of fine flavor and color.

Crab, Pink Spires (Malus)   Get Details
Red-purplish foliage in spring turning green-bronze in summer. Flower is lavender-pink followed by 1/2" purplish-red fruit. An excellent, hardy, rosy-bloom crab. Ideal for a confined screen or border planting.

Crab, Prairie Fire   Get Details
A beautiful disease resistent crab with dark purplish-red flowers. The bark is glossy dark red. Fruit does not drop.

Crab, Purple Prince   Get Details
One of the best purple leafed crabs that is highly disease resistent. Outstanding rose-red blossoms and maroon fruit.

Crab, Red Jade (Malus)   Get Details
Single white to light pink flowers followed by 1/2" bright red fruit. This dependable weeping crab variety has glossy vibrant green foliage and makes a good specimen plant.

Crab, Red Splender (Malus)   Get Details
Single pink flowers followed by 1/2" bright red fruit, which hangs on well into winter. Large, open, upright, spreading growth with reddish-green, glossy leaves.

Crab, Rejoice   Get Details
Dark green foliage, semi-double rose pink flowers with burgundy fruit. Grows very symmetrical

Crab, Royal Raindrops   Get Details
Beautiful red, cutleafed crab. Blossoms are pink and the fruit is red.

Crab, Royalty (Malus)   Get Details
Outstanding for its foliage. New growth is reddish turning purplish with a green undercast. Leaves have a bright, varnished appearance and turn orange in the fall. Flowers and 3/4" fruit are both dark red. Very hardy and blight resistant.

Crab, Ruby Tears   Get Details
Weeping crab with burgundy green foliage. Pink flowers with dark red fruit. Fast grower.

Crab, Snowdrift   Get Details
Very hardy white flowering crab. Uniform, round growth habit. Fruit are bright orange to red.

Crab, Spring Snow (Malus)   Get Details
Is completely covered with white flowers and bright green, shiny foliage in the spring. Introduced from Canada, this very fragrant crab has a fine rounded shape. It does not set fruit and has good heat tolerance.


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