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Note:  Other varieties or sizes may be available, please call. Prices listed are for no. 1 quality material. Premium and no. 2 grades are available in some varieties and sizes; and will carry a different price. Ask about quantity discounts.

Amelancier, Autumn Brilliance   Get Details
A very popular tree with showy white flowers in spring followed by sweet purplish-blue fruit. Heavily branched tree with light gray bark. Fall color is brilliant red-orange

Ash, Mountain (Sorbus European)   Get Details
A small tree with spreading branches and fairly dense foliage. White flowers in spring, and the showy orange-red fruits of late summer persist into winter and are favored by the birds.

Birch, River (Betula nigra)   Get Details
A native birch of the river bottoms that also does well on upland soils. Reddish brown exfoliating bark creates an intersting winter effect. Resistant to bronze birch borer.

Birch, Whitespire (Betula populifolia)   Get Details
Medium to fast grower with white bark and yellow fall color. Requires full sun and is quite adaptable to summer heat, drought and a wide range of soils. Highly resistant to bronze birch borer under a good fertility program. Comes in 3-4 stem clumps.

Linden, American (Tilia americana)   Get Details
Rapid grower with large, open head. Large leaves and dense foliage provide excellent shade. Has fragrant yellow flowers. Prefers deep moist soil, but will grow in drier heavier soils.

Linden, American Sentry   Get Details
Beautiful Linden with uniform and upright narrow form.

Maple, Autumn Blaze   Get Details
A fast growing Maple with beautiful red fall color. Very drought tolerant.

Maple, Autumn Spire (Acer rubrum)   Get Details
A broadly columnar form of Rubrum Maple that has showy red flowers in spring before the leaves open. It has a consistent red fall color and is very hardy.

Maple, Red (Acer rubrum) - soft   Get Details
Native to Wisconsin, this fairly rapid growing tree has beautiful fall color ranging from red to peach. It makes an excellent street and yard tree and does best in partial shade.

Maple, Sienna Glen   Get Details
A fast growing Maple with excellent branching and very hardy. Beautiful fall color from red to burgandy-red.

Maple, Silver (Acer saccharinum) - soft   Get Details
Fast growing, graceful form provides medium shade. Leaves are light green above and silvery beneath. Very hardy and will tolerate extreme conditions.

Maple, Sugar (Acer saccharum) - hard   Get Details
The largest and finest of our native maples. Great economic value in lumber, syrup and sugar. Wonderful shade tree with rich autumn foliage ranging from orange to peach. Very hardy and prefers a rich, well-drained soil.

Oak, Northern Red   Get Details
A fast growing native tree. Dark green leaves change in autumn to a deep reddish brown persisting into winter.

Serviceberry, Allegheny (Amelanchier laevis)   Get Details
A small, multi-stemmed tree blooming in early spring with white flower clusters, followed by edible, purplish blue fruit later in the season. Birds love the berries.

Willow, Prairie Cascade   Get Details
A very hardy weeping willow with glossy dark green leaves and golden bark.


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