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Azalea, Mandarin Lights (Rhododendron)   Get Details
Blooms in early spring with bright mandarin orange blossoms before it leafs out in the spring.

Azalea, Orchid Lights (Rhododendron)   Get Details
This dwarf, compact Azalea, is the earliest flowering in the Lights series. Soft lilac colored blooms are about 1"-1 1/4" across and flower buds are hardy to -45 degrees F. Plant is sterile so no seed pods are formed.

Azalea, Rosy Lights (Rhododendron)   Get Details
A spectacular display of fragrant, dark rosy pink, flowers are produced in late May to early June. Flower buds are hardy to -45 degrees F.

Barberry, Limoncello   Get Details
New, golden barberry with red/dotted margin. Fall color is orange, yellow and red. Small, mounded growth pattern.

Barberry, Toscana   Get Details
Beautiful shrub with arching branches, red foliage with a yellow margin. Leaves darken in fall to a burgundy color.

Buckthorn, Fineline   Get Details
Upright, narrow habit withy fern-like foliage. Very hardy and non-invasive.

Coralberry Candy   Get Details
Beautiful, dwarf, light pink snowberry. Small pink flowers with large candy pink fruit that remain all winter.

Cotoneaster, Hedge   Get Details
Dark green glossy leaves with pink flowers in spring and small black fruit in summer.

Cranberry, Dwarf Highbush (Viburnum trilobum 'Bailey Compact')   Get Details
Dwarf form of the American Highbush Cranberry. Hardy shrub with beautiful foliage that offers a slight red edge when new, then turns a deep red in fall.

Cranberry, Highbush (Viburnum trilobum)   Get Details
Handsome, hardy shrub with lobed leaves and white flowers in late May. It has deep red foliage in fall and scarlet berries that last well into winter and attract birds. Native to Wisconsin and does well in sun or partial shade.

Currant, Alpine (Ribes alpinum)   Get Details
An excellent dense, glossy leafed, dwarf shrub suitable for hedges in open or shady areas. Very responsive to shearing. One of the first bushes to leaf out in the spring and the last to lose its leaves in the fall. Suggested 2'-2 1/2' spacing.

Dogwood, Cardinal Red Osier (Cornus sericea 'Cardinal')   Get Details
Noted for its bright red winter twig color, which is a yellowish green in the summer. Leaves are dark green turning to reddish-purple in the fall.

Dogwood, Ivory Halo® (Cornus alba 'Bailhalo')   Get Details
A compact Variegated Dogwood that provides beautiful variegated foliage in summer and attractive red twigs in winter. Great for smaller areas.

Dogwood, Pagoda (Cornus alternifolia)   Get Details
Pale yellow flowers in May turn into blue-black fruits that attract the birds. Branches grow in irregular tiers forming a somewhat horizontal plant with the leaves turning red in the fall. Requires sun or light shade.

Dogwood, Red Twigged (Cornus baileyi)   Get Details
Excellent red stem Dogwood, that provides beautiful color in winter. It has porcelain-blue fruit that attracts the birds and the leaves turn reddish-purple in fall. It is very adaptable and shade tolerant.

Forsythia, Northern Gold   Get Details
Golden yellow flowers with outstanding bud hardiness. They flower every spring. The plants are upright with gray-yellow branches. Plant in full sun for maximum flower set.

Honeysuckle, Dwarf Bush   Get Details
A spreading, mounded shrub with red-tipped new growth. Small yellow flowers early summer. Very hardy and shade tolerant. Native plant.

Hydrangea, Annabelle (Hydrangea arborescens )   Get Details
Large, round, white flowers blooming throughout the summer. A low, erect growing shrub with rich green foliage that prefers full or partial shade. Sold in clump form.

Hydrangea, Bobo   Get Details
Dwarf hydrangea with large white flowers in summer. Flowers are held up on strong stems. Very hardy

Hydrangea, Limelight (Hydrangea Paniculata 'Limelight')   Get Details
Very hardy, heavy blooming, lime-green flowers are held upright on strong stems. An incredible combination of green, pink and burgandy blooms in autumn.

Hydrangea, Little Lamb (Hydrangea Paniculata 'Little Lamb')   Get Details
A special Hydrangea with showy, tightly packed flowers. A very nice compact plant.

Hydrangea, Little Lime   Get Details
Dwarf hydrangea with soft lime green flowers that mature to pink and burgundy in fall. Very hardy.

Hydrangea, Pinky Winky   Get Details
Very large flowers held up by sturdy stems. Excellent plant for the landscape.

Hydrangea, Quick Fire   Get Details
Early blooming hydrangea. Flowers start out white and turn deep pink. Great landscape plant.

Hydrangea, Strawberry Sundae   Get Details
New, shorter version of Vanilla Strawberry. Large white flowers that turn to pink as they age.

Hydrangea, Vanilla Strawberry   Get Details
Very large flowers that start out a creamy white in mid-summer and change to pink and finally strawberry red. Flower are held on red stems.

Lilac, James MacFarlane   Get Details
True, single pink blooms freely. Extremely hardy and adaptable.

Lilac, Japanese Tree (Syringa reticulata)   Get Details
Handsome foliage with creamy white flowers blooming in large panicles in June and July. Useful as a small specimen tree or large shrub. Requires full sun.

Lilac, Minuet (Syringa)   Get Details
This lilac has a growth rate that is about half as fast as most of the late blooming lilacs. Flower buds are a light purple opening to a single, soft whitish pink in June. The leaves are large and dark green and this plant does not sucker to any extent.

Lilac, Miss Kim (Syringa patula)   Get Details
Hardy dwarf lilac from Korea with a compact growth habit. Dark glossy green foliage turns burgundy red in fall and purple buds open to single, fragrant, pale lilac flowers when other lilacs have finished. Prefers full sun.

Ninebark, Diablo   Get Details
Very hardy purple leafed ninebark. White flowers early in the year. Grows very fast.

Ninebark, Dwarf (Physocarpus opulifolius 'Nanus')   Get Details
Dense, bushy form with small green leaves and beautiful white flowers in May and June that are followed by numerous red seed pods. Does well in shaded areas and is excellent for hedges. Suggested 2 1/2' for hedge spacing.

Ninebark, Dwarf Golden (Physocarpus opulifolius)   Get Details
A more refined compact growing form of Golden Ninebark with excellent yellow foliage, white flowers and red fruit. A hardy, attractive plant for color contrast in foundation or border plantings.

Ninebark, Little Devil   Get Details
A new dwarf deep burgundy leaf shrub with beautiful white-pink flowers in June. Rarely needs trimming and is very hardy

Ninebark, Summer Wine (Physocorpus Opulifolius 'Seward')   Get Details
A compact shrub with fine deeply cut dark crimson red leaves. Pinkish white button-like flowers in mid-summer. Very hardy, very showy.

Potentilla, Abbotswood (Potentilla fruticosa)   Get Details
Large pure white flowers bloom from early spring to late fall. The plant grows to a medium height with a dense spreading habit and the leaves are blue-green with medium texture. It's a good plant for foundation plantings or low hedges.

Potentilla, Gold Star (Potentilla fruticosa)   Get Details
Profuse bloomer with large, up to 2" across, deep yellow flowers on gray-green foliage. This plant is deer resistant.

Potentilla, Goldfinger (Potentilla fruticosa)   Get Details
Very showy golden flowers, up to 1 1/2" in diameter, blooms all summer. Compact habit, dark green leaves and showy display make this an outstanding Potentilla.

Potentilla, Lemon Meringue   Get Details
New. Beautiful light yellow double flowering potentilla. Forms a compact ball without trimming. Flowers heavy all summer.

Potentilla, McKay White (Potentilla fruticosa)   Get Details
A very hardy plant that is one of the longest flowering of the white Potentillas. It blooms all summer with large creamy white flowers.

Potentilla, Pink Beauty   Get Details
A beautiful pink flowered potentilla. It has dark green leaves and grows globe shaped. Extremely hardy and deer resistent.

Rhododendron, P.J.M. (Rhododendron)   Get Details
Bushy evergreen plant with small, glossy, dark green foliage turning to a rich mahogany during winter months. Masses of lavender flowers in early May. Does best in a protected, partial shade location with an acid, moist, well-drained soil.

Snowberry   Get Details
Blue green foliage with pink flowers in spring. White berries in fall. Native plant. Very hardy. Tolerates shade. Grows fast.

Spirea Ash Leaf "Sem"   Get Details
Beautiful pinkish-red, fern-like foliage with deep pink stems. In July and August the shrub is covered with creamy white flowers. Makes and excellent low hedge.

Spirea, Birchleaf   Get Details
Compact, dense rounded shrub with creamy white flowers in early spring. Nice maroon purple fall color.

Spirea, Bridalwreath (Spiraea x vanhouttei)   Get Details
Arching, pure white blooms in May that are profuse on a vase shaped shrub. This plant has a graceful habit of growth and does well in full sun to partial shade.

Spirea, Glo-Girl   Get Details
Lemon-lime foliage with pure white flowers in spring. Brilliant bright orange fall color.

Spirea, Goldflame (Spiraea x bumalda)   Get Details
A compact plant with brilliant red new growth changing to golden yellow in spring, then green in summer and copper orange in fall. The plant is covered in summer with crimson flowers.

Spirea, Goldmound (Spiraea)   Get Details
Bushy plant with creamy yellow leaves all season and pink flowers in June-July. Outstanding small colorful foliage plant for accent or contrast in the foundation planting or shrub border. Likes full sun.

Spirea, Grefsheim   Get Details
A dense shrub with a cascade of white flowers in early May. A very hardy spirea.

Spirea, Little Princess   Get Details
A beautiful small spirea with a low-mounded growing habit. Foliage is mint green that turns deep red in the fall. The plant is covered with bright pink flowers in the summer.

Spirea, Pink-A-Licious   Get Details
Dense branching habit, with pink flowers. Beautiful yellow/apricot to reddish pink fall color.

Spirea, Superstar   Get Details
Foliage is deep green, showing off stunning scarlet red new growth. Pink flowers all summer long. Excellent bronze fall color. Very hardy

Stephanandra, Cutleaf (Stephanandra incisa 'Crispa')   Get Details
A dense, graceful shrub with slender, arching branches that have fine textured foliage. Can be used as a bank cover or ground cover and does well in sun or light shade.

Sumac, Cutleaf Smooth (Rhus glabra 'Laciniata')   Get Details
Smooth branches with finely divided leaves that turn a beautiful bright red in autumn. This plant has green fruit that turns scarlet in fall and it does well on poor, dry soil.

Sumac, Gro-Low   Get Details
Wide spreading habit, fragrant small yellow flowers turning into fuzzy red fruit. Fall color of bright oranges and reds. Needs to be cut back in the fall.

Viburnum, Arrowwood (Viburnum dentatum)   Get Details
A large, upright shrub, dense and compact. White, flat topped flowers in June, followed by blue-black berries craved by birds. It has red-purple foliage in the fall and is an excellent shrub for wet soils, hedges, or mass planting. Sun to partial shade.

Viburnum, Blue Muffin   Get Details
A compact versioin of Autumn Jazz. Glossy leaves and intense blue fruit. A very nice shrub for the birds.

Viburnum, Mohican (Viburnum lantana)   Get Details
Compact growth with thick leather-like leaves that turn purple-bronze in the fall. Creamy white, flat topped flowers in spring are followed by orange-red fruit in July that turn black and attract the birds. Makes a nice hedge.

Viburnum, Nannyberry (Viburnum lentago)   Get Details
Very hardy with upright growth and shiny foliage that turns purplish-red in fall. White, flat topped flowers in May turn to blue-black berrys that attract the birds. Native to Wisconsin, this plant does well in shade or sun and moist or dry soils.

Viburnum, Red Feather   Get Details
Very hardy shrub. Two-tone new growth with maroon and green. White flowers in June with blue/black fruit in fall.

Weigela, Red Prince (Weigela florida)   Get Details
Bright red flowers in early summer hold their color as they age rather than taking on a purplish tint. Blooms continue sporadically on current years growth for the rest of the season.

Weigela, Wine & RosesTM (Weigela florida 'Alexandra')   Get Details
Incredibly dark burgundy-purple foliage which really sets off the rosy-pink colored flowers. This is a very attractive plant for the landscape.

Willow, Arctic Blue   Get Details
Beautiful, fine blue foliage. Grows very fast and loves to be trimmed.

Willow, Nishiki   Get Details
A lovely small shrub with pink stems and green,pink and white leaves. Stems are graceful and spreading. Very fast grower.

Willow, Pussy   Get Details
A native large shrub. Silky soft catkins in early spring.


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