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Note:  Other varieties or sizes may be available, please call. Prices listed are for no. 1 quality material. Premium and no. 2 grades are available in some varieties and sizes; and will carry a different price. Ask about quantity discounts.

Arborvitae, Globe (Thuja occidentalis)   Get Details
A dwarf, compact, round or globular head that is well fitted for foundation planting. Good in full sun or partial shade.

Cypress, Russian (Microbiota decussata)   Get Details
An extremely hardy, dwarf, densely branched evergreen with low spreading form and foliage that resembles Arborvitae. Bright green summer color turning bronze in winter. Grows in both full sun and full shade.

Juniper, Andorra (Juniperus horizontalis)   Get Details
A hardy, graceful, very popular juniper, that is low spreading with silver-green summer foliage that turns silver-purple for the winter. Does well in full sun or light shade.

Juniper, Blue Rug (Juniperus horizontalis 'Wiltoni')   Get Details
Very rapid in growth and has a spread of 3'-5' that forms a dense mat of blue foliage. It is excellent as a groundcover or bank planting and is very attractive when allowed to drape over retaining walls. Needs full sun to light shade.

Juniper, Broadmoor (Juniperus sabina)   Get Details
A very hardy, low spreader with a dense mounding form that reaches out 3'-5'. It has a rich green color with a slight bluish cast and it does best in full sun and well drained soil.

Juniper, Fool's Gold (Juniperus communis 'Aurea')   Get Details
Very hardy and adaptable Juniper, with fine textured golden foliage that spreads 6'-8'. It can be sheared heavy in formal landscapes.

Juniper, Savin (Juniperus sabina)   Get Details
Very hardy, fast growing, low spreader with blue-green foliage that reaches out 3'-5'. Its compact growth makes this an excellent choice for the foundation planting. It requires full sun and good drainage.

Juniper, Sea Green   Get Details
Lime green foliage. Fountain-like arching branches, making an excellent choice for foundation plantings.

Juniper, Wisconsin (Juniperus, Horizontalis 'Wisconsin')   Get Details
A blue-green low spreading Juniper that is extremely hardy, especially in poor planting sites.

Pine, Dwarf Mugho (Pinus mugo mughus)   Get Details
Very hardy, dwarf, mushroom shaped pine that has bright green color in all seasons. Will spread 3'-6' wide and keeps its attractive mounded shape by trimming in mid-June each year. Requires full sun and will do well in sandy soil.

Spruce, Bird's Nest (Picea abies 'Nidiformis')   Get Details
Hardy, dense, very slow growing dwarf spruce with light green foliage that spreads 2'-3' in width. A distinctive plant for rock gardens or specimen use and is best in full sun or very light shade.

Yew, Taunton (Taxus x media 'Tauntoni')   Get Details
A superior slow spreading plant that requires minimum trimming. An outstanding characteristic of this yew is its resistance to winter burn.


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