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Pine, Norway or Red (Pinus resinosa)

ADULT SIZE: 50'-80'

Fast growing and native to our area, this tree has dark green needles and can be sheared or permitted to grow natural. It is an excellent tree for windbreaks and screening and does well in sandy, dry, acidic soils. Requires full sun.

SIZE: 18"-2' PRICE: $40.00
SIZE: 2'-2½' PRICE: $50.00
SIZE: 2½'-3' PRICE: $60.00
SIZE: 3'-4' PRICE: $90.00
SIZE: 4'-5' PRICE: $110.00
SIZE: 5'-6' PRICE: $140.00
SIZE: 6'-7' PRICE: $200.00
SIZE: 7'-8' PRICE: $250.00
SIZE: 8'-10' PRICE: $310.00


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