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How To...

For newly planted plants:
  1. Water daily for 2 weeks (on container grown plants).
  2. Water 3 times per week for next 4 weeks (bareroot or newly potted plants).
  3. Water 2 times per week for next 4 weeks.
  4. Water 1 time per week thereafter or when dry.
  1. Plants under 2 ft = 2 1/2 gallons of water each time.
  2. Plants 2 ft - 4 ft = 5 gallons of water each time.
  3. Plants 4 ft - 6 ft = 10 gallons of water each time.
  4. Plants 6 ft and up = 15 - 30 gallons of water each time.
Note: Most wells pump 6 - 10 gallons of water per minute.

Special Notes
  • Depending on what Mother Nature gives us, you may have to adjust your watering. Remember, unless you have a minimum of 2" of rainfall, you will need to stick to your watering schedule.
  • Lawn sprinklers should not be used to water plants as they cannot get enough water where it is needed. Remember, leaves and needles divert water to the outside of the root ball area.

    WATERING Roots of newly-planted stock must not dry completely for extended periods of time, especially during the first growing season. Such stress may kill them. Water each plant thoroughly right after planting to settle the soil around the roots then check soil near the base of plants to a depth of six inches. Water when soil feels dry. The frequency and amount of water depends on the character of the soils. Water about once each week to ten days from April to September in clay or other heavy soils; twice a week watering may be needed in sandy or lighter soils. Do not water so often that the soil does not drain and remains soggy. Too frequent, shallow watering will hamper root development. Allow the garden hose to run at a slow trickle for one-half to one hour on each plant, depending on size and soil type. Give one final deep watering to all evergreens before the ground freezes in the winter. Do not rely on sprinklers until your planting is well established.
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